Caritas K's 2018

​​​Caritas K's is a new initiative for Unity College in 2018. This year, our fund-raising efforts will merge with the Cross Country by including a walkathon to collect much needed funds for developing countries and those in greatest need through Caritas Australia. 

We are asking students to collect sponsorship from family and friends. Please join our Unity College team on the day of Cross Country by walking with us. We are asking participants to carry a bucket of water in solidarity with people around the world, who have to walk every day to collect water from the nearest well. Alternatively, you could carry a doll to represent the mothers who have to carry their babies to health clinics, which could be more than 10km away from their homes. 

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Put yourself in the shoes of those less fortunate and raise both money and an awareness of these issues to make a difference to the lives of others! To start your sponsorship journey, you will need to ‘Join the Unity College Team’ and register as an individual you will need to Join the Unity College team and register as an individual: 

Donations can also be made on this page: 

Every step counts so let's get these sponsorships happening.
Let's put your Compassion into action!!