Project Compassion and Caritas K's


As we step into Lent, Nonprofits such as Caritas Australia's Project Compassion and UnitingCare, remind us how lives can be changed when we all give 100%. These global organisations administered by both the Catholic and Uniting Churches are determined to provide hope to communities of people struggling to survive.

Our contributions can benefit these numerous regions to access plentiful, clean water supplies, which in effect can trigger new ventures.

Amongst our other fundraising initiatives this year, Unity College will host our Caritas K’s Mission Week as part of Project Compassion. Last year our students raised over $5000, the largest amount raised by other participating schools!

Mission Week will run in the final week of Term 1 (Week 10) and will coincide with Holy Week. The week will involve a range of activities including a Crazy Hair and Crazy Socks Day, a Games Day and the infamous Caritas K’s walkathon. This walkathon includes students setting a goal they would like to complete, whilst running or walking the Cross Country track. This could range from walking with buckets of water, walking with a dolly strapped to backs or wearing a school bag throughout the course. Each of these activities represents the daily challenges that women, men and children face in their daily lives living in developing countries around the world.

Students will ask sponsors to donate towards the completion of their personal goal on their Caritas profile through the official Caritas Website. All of the funds raised will go towards helping people who have to cover many kilometres daily to access fresh water or attend school or work, and those who are forced to flee natural disasters, war or conflict. By donating, you will empower the world’s poorest communities, giving them access to better health services and education, increased food security, clean water, sanitation facilities and much more.  

Let us put our compassion into action, by donating or joining the team: https://lent.caritas​