On the couch with Ella Smith


At 10 years old, Ella Smith moved to Australia from England. Despite not being able to swim, Ella soon found her love for the water and began competing in Regional and State competitions. Now in Year 12 at Unity College, Ella is not only working hard at school, she is managing her online business Miss GG Swimwear AND still competing in swimming events!

In all of Ella's swimming training and events, she found that her swimwear was not keeping up with her training. 

"I was paying quality money for good brands that weren't 100 per cent chlorine-resistant," Ella explains. "They were lasting me six months and then they were disintegrating and straps would break off during training."​

So in March 2017, after a year of researching how to prevent chaffing and disintegration, the Miss GG brand was born. The material is sourced from Sydney, Ella then cuts the fabric herself and the items are put together in Mudjimba. She has been selling her swimwear line for elite figures since the launch and has a global following.

Our Middle/Senior Phase Sport Leader, Mr Moon, sat down with Ella in the 'on the couch' section of our Assembly to find out more about her growing business…

You recently had your photo on the Front Page of the Sunshine Coast Daily and an article outlining that you have your own Swim Wear Clothing line. How long have you been doing this?
I came up with the idea when I was 15 and launched the swimwear line when in March last year.

You are a very competitive simmer and have represented the Region and State in both Short and Long course events. Is swimming now taking a backseat to your business venture?
No, it's actually enhancing my business. I wear my own swimwear for competitions allowing other swimmers to see the togs in action!

Do you just design and sell swimwear or do you have your own clothing line as well?
At the moment, I am only selling swimwear but in the future I will probably set up a fitness line.

What made you start designing swimwear?
Because my own togs were disintegrating and the straps were snapping when I was training.

How is your business going today?
It's going great. We sell the line all over Australia, England Scotland and Sweden.

When you finish Year 12 at the end of the year will you be moving into full time work with your swimwear business?
I will continue developing the business but I am also planning on going to University.

Are you still training in the pool, if so, how do you juggle training school, work and being a business woman?
Yes, I am still training and yes, it's difficult to juggle everything so it's important that I manage my time well.

Congratulations Ella, we wish you all the best for you and your business!
Ella's Elite Swimwear is available at https://www.missgg.com.au/ 

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