Youth Sings Youth Rally 2018


On Friday 27th July our Senior Vocal Group performed at St. Stephens Cathedral for the 'Youth Sings' Youth Rally in celebration of the Year of Youth 2018 with Brisbane Catholic Education.

The Cathedral was filled to capacity with students from both Primary and Secondary Catholic schools, who witnessed a beautiful liturgy with Pam Betts and an address from the Archbishop.

Over 600 students lifted the roof in fine voice with exhilarating sounds from the pipe organ, grand piano, singers, composers and  musicians from the BCE Catching Fire team. Our Year 10 student Emma also impressed with her delivery of the Prayers of Intercession, punctuated by a rousing musical response from the congregation.

Below is some of the feedback from students on the way home:

  • I got goosebumps at the sound of all our voices echoing throughout the cathedral. An amazing experience.
  • As I'd never been to the cathedral before, I spent my time admiring the acoustics each song produced. The amount of people there shocked me but everyone's contribution to the project had made the experience more memorable. 
  • The experience of all the voices echoing throughout the Cathedral it was mesmerising.
  • Wow! What an experience. You don't realise how much these things really mean until you go. It was so amazing in the cathedral hearing all the voices come together :)
  • The echoes of all the beautiful voices sounded so lovely. I couldn't help but smile and sing loud.
  • This event was absolutely inspiring and marvelous; feeling the connection to the community set my mind free and my stress depleted, not only that, the environment and cathedral that the group of schools were in, was a truly elegant, diverse and grand piece of art  
  • The thing that I most enjoyed today was being able to get together with other school from BCE come together in celebrating the Year of Youth. ​