Junior Phase - Years Prep to 6

​Unity is a master-planned P-12 College made up of the Junior Phase of Learning - P-6, the Middle Phase of Learning Years 7-9 and the Senior Phase of Learning Years 10-12. The holistic development of the child in the Junior Years provides a strong foundation for success throughout life.

"Let the children come to me..." (Lk 18:16)

"That they may have life, life to the full..." (Jn 10:10)

Our Junior School incorporates the early years. The term Early Years refers to the years of schooling from Preschool to Year 2. The Early Years of schooling is a crucial time for children:

  • to celebrate their uniqueness, 
  • to develop social, emotional and behavioural well-being,   
  • to experience success in learning.

A young child's sense of self and sense of God will be based on love, kindness, patience, dependability and trust, all of which are ideally modelled by parents/carers, teachers and members of the faith community.

We, at Unity, expect:

  • to provide flexible, supportive and encouraging learning environments,
  • to design an inclusive curriculum which demonstrates continuity and connectedness as children make various transitions throughout their schooling.

The following principles will underpin the curriculum structures of the College.

Continuity through Years P-12 will be promoted in the College and in harmony with the Our Lady of the Rosary school, Caloundra via:

The Religious Education Program

Implementation of the Prep Curriculum Guidelines, Australian Curriculum K-10 in Mathematics, English, Science and History, Queensland Essential Learnings in 

  • The Arts, Technology, Health/Phy Ed and Cultural Literacy/Languages
  • Learning Area organisation to reflect the syllabuses
  • School Curriculum Programs
  • Development of appropriate Curriculum Strategies
  • Inquiry-based planning, assessment and reporting practices, and moderation processes
  • A developmental approach to learning
  • Delivering a "seamless" Curriculum across the compulsory years of schooling
  • The encouragement of the development of intentional relationships among students that are appropriate to their age level

Enrolment applications for the Preparatory Year of Schooling are now invited for 2015 at Unity College. Age enrolment guidelines for the non-compulsory prep program have been established by the Queensland Government. Brisbane Catholic Education will be operating within these Government Guidelines.​​​