Technology is integrated into almost every part of our day, it affects how we live, work, play, and most importantly learn. The implementation and use of technology throughout Unity College extends the vision of offering a rich, well resourced, relevant and diverse curriculum. 

In 2018 Unity College embraced the ‘Teams’ platform to facilitate collaboration, online assessment and sharing of class resources throughout Middle and Senior phases. Through Teams, the College has not only enhanced the learning environment but also employed contemporary teaching methods that are learner focused and flexible, allowing learning to move outside of the classroom. In addition, an increasing number of classes have successfully minimised their ‘paper footprint’ using Teams, iPad applications, Microsoft Classroom, OneDrive File Storage and a variety of other software applications. 

At the beginning of last year, Unity College rolled out the ‘College Managed Device Program’ with students in Year 4 and Year 7 receiving iPad devices​​. The program aims to be equitable, reliable and offers long-term affordable and sustainable solutions to ensure students have access to technology throughout the curriculum. 

Unity College has a dedicated IT team, who are located in the LRC, assisting our staff and students. The team ​manages an integrated wireless network covering over 1400 students, nearly 200 staff, over 1000 devices, and an infrastructure load the equivalent of a large corporation. ​

2021 College Managed Devices.pdf