Middle Phase - Years 7 to 9

Our curriculum in Years 7 to 9, forms the Middle Phase of learning at Unity College and is based on the Principles of Middle Schooling. This ensures a curriculum that is:

  • Learner-centred
  • Collaboratively organised
  • Flexibly constructed
  • Ethically aware
  • Community orientated
  • Adequately resourced
  • Strategically linked

In essence, we aim to establish a connected curriculum that embraces the nine Key Learning Areas within a Life Long Learning framework.  

Our teaching approach ensures that students are valued, challenged and supported in a range of learning experiences and contexts. Our longer lesson times provide the unique opportunity for students to actively participate in a range of activities that cater to individual learning needs. Furthermore, the curriculum is learner centred and authentic to our students' needs and interests.

Quality Resources: The use of technology for learning is also vitally important for the holistic development of the millennial adolescent. Middle phase students regularly access laptops and computers using a range of software and programs, and have access to other technology resources such as, data projectors, digital cameras and Bluetooth technology. This establishes interactive learning opportunities. In addition, our MYTC (Middle Years Technology Centre) embraces Science, Visual Art, Food Technology and Industrial Technology; ensures students can actively participate in learning using quality specialty equipment in a safe, purpose-built facility. This is the only centre of its kind on the Sunshine Coast, and as such has received recognition for creating dynamic learning environments.

The Nine Key Learning Areas as directed by Brisbane Catholic Education and the Queensland Studies Authority that make up the curriculum are:

  • Religious Education
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Studies of Society and Environment
  • Health and Physical Education
  • The Arts (including Drama, Dance, Music and Visual Art)
  • Technology (including Food Technology [Cooking], Information Technology [Computing] and Industrial Technology [Manual Arts]
  • Languages (Japanese)

This curriculum approach during the Middle Phase of learning at Unity College, will suitably prepare each student for their individual learning pathway in the Senior Phase of the College, Years 10 to 12.

Publications and Handbooks
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2021 Year 9 Subject Selection Handbook.pdf