VET Overview & Courses

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Vocational Education and Training at Unity College

Unity College provides students with alternate pathways in their learning that contribute to both QCE points and Rank comparable scores. Students may select from available Nationally Recognised certificate options or engage in a School-based Traineeship/Apprenticeship as part of their studies. 

Unity College is the Registered Training Organisation (RTO) for a number of these courses and also utilises the expertise of external RTO providers to deliver course options. 

Details of course descriptions can be found in the Senior Subject Selection Handbook or visiting the websites of our partner organisations. Search the RTO numbers (indicated below) on

​​Courses On Offer – Unity College Students

Certificate I in Hospitality (RTO 32123 - Unity College)
Certificate II in Hospitality (RTO 32123 - Unity College)
Cert II in Health Support Services (RTO 40518 - Connect 'n' Grow)*
Cert III in Health Services Assistance (RTO 40518 ​- Connect 'n' Grow)*
Cert III in Fitness (RTO 31319 - Binnacle Training College Pty Ltd)*
Certificate III in Events (RTO 121314​ - AIET - Australian Institute of Education and Training)*
Certificate III in Christian Ministry & Theology (RTO 31402 - Institute of Faith Education)*
Certificate III in Engineering - Technical (RTO 0275 - TAFE Qld)*
​Certificate III in Visual Arts - Photography (RTO 41549 - COSAMP College of Sound and Music Production)*
Certificate IV in Justice Studies (RTO 32123 - Unity College)

*Unity College is a third party to this RTO and provides training and assessment services on behalf of the RTO

Publications and Handbooks

Please click the below links to download our recent handbooks.

​​Senior Phase (Yr 11 & 12) Subject Selection Handbook

Transition Phase (Yr 9 & 10) Subject Handbooks ​​

​​VET Unity Student Handbook.pdf

​​Enrolment Link - Unity College Students Only
  • SIT10222 Cert I in Hospitality
  • SIT20322 Cert II in Hospitality
  • 1097NAT Cert IV in Justice Studies​




Enrolment and Course Payment Instructions for Unity College Students  

Please ensure you have your LUI and USI numbers ready before enrolling – these are mandatory requirements

1. LUI numbers – issued by your school

2. USI numbers – create via 

3. Must use full legal names as per Birth Certificate

4. Payment for courses added to student's Unity College fees


RTO Manager
Gillian Meyers
Pathways Coordinator
Bianca Beard
Pathways Coordinator
Amanda Paton
Certificate IV in Justice Studies Trainer & Assessor
Amanda Paton  
Vocational Education and Pathways Officer Sherry Christie
Cert IV in Justice Studies - Administration Heather Preston
​General Enquiries and Concerns


Certificate Reprint

To request a certificate replacement please complete the form below and email to  ​​

Certificate Reprint Request.pdf

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