College Board

​​​​​Our College Board has met for the first time this year. The College Board is a group made up of key stakeholders in the success of Unity College. The College Board is an advisory board, they operate on a 'shared wisdom' model and are concerned with the bigger picture of strategic planning and governance, including policy direction. The College Board provides support and insight to the Principal and College Leadership Team on behalf of the wider community. The Board has input into the Strategic Planning for the College and ​is updated on the various projects currently being completed. ​​

2022​​​ College Board Members​  
Greg Thorne
Chair of the Board
Dan McSheaCollege Principal

​Stephen deLaurence
​College Leadership
​Danielle Gleeson​
​College Leadership
​Lindell Johnstone
College Leadership
Pastor Steven Fincham
​Uniting Church Representative​​
​Fr. Josh Whitehead
​Catholic Parish Representative
​Rev Brian Gilbert
​Uniting Chruch Representative
Jackie McCosker
​Parent Representative
​Donna Pares
Parent Representative​