Principal's Welcome

Welcome to Unity College, an ecumenical college in the Catholic and Unity faith traditions. Our current enrolment is over 1450 students. We have three distinct phases of learning – Junior Phase (Years P-6) Middle Phase (Years 7-9) and Senior Phase (Years 10-12). Throughout each phase we deliver high quality teaching and learning initiatives, as well as providing innovative contemporary resources to meet the diverse needs and capacities of learners in this rapidly changing society. We proudly implement pastoral and learning strategies to meet the students where they are at, developing a strong sense of belonging and ensuring that a range of pathways are available to our young people. 

The College priorities of Faith and Formation; Excellence in Teaching and Learning; and Student Wellbeing are pivotal in our holistic focus on developing every child. We understand each child is different and we continue to develop individual learning and wellbeing strategies to work through their unique challenges.  

I have the honour and privilege of being the Principal of Unity College. This role is dynamic and rewarding. Daily I can walk the Unity Circle and have conversations and witness learning and growth, in students ranging from our early years through to our Year 12 students in their final year on campus. I have experienced the warm welcome of a positive, caring and close-knit community. Furthermore, I have been impressed by the quality and the deep commitment from staff to ensuring that student learning and student well-being is at the forefront of everything we do. 

From my first day, I have found Unity College to be a place of genuine welcome and hospitality where learning is engaging and exciting and where positive relationships exist between students, staff, and parents. 

Together with Danielle Gleeson (Head of Junior Phase), Alison Gilbert (Head of Middle/Senior Phase) and myself, we have a strong desire to instil a sense of hope and self-belief in young people, modelling a love of life and a love of learning to our staff and our students.

In 2024, Unity College is in its 19th year. As an ecumenical college, our virtues of dialogue, solidarity of purpose and inclusive practices are in our DNA. This aspect of our unique identity prepares our community to face with confidence the contemporary educational context. 

I trust that students, staff, and families will find Unity College to be a place of welcome, an environment where all members feel a sense of pride in belonging to this community, and a learning community where we see the face of Christ in the other. 

Brett Jones
Principal, Unity College Caloundra

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