Our Faith & Mission

​​​​​Unity College is an ecumenical college in partnership with the Catholic Church and Uniting Church of Caloundra. Our statement of mission, “We are a learning community uniting, inspiring and succeeding through Christ", underpins the work we aspire to do in our community. With Christ at our centre, we find coherence between faith, culture and our human interactions, as we strive for excellence through the teaching and demonstration of the Gospel message.  

The three key ecumenical principles that underpin the philosophy and culture of the College include: Dialogue in Practice; Inclusive Processes and Solidarity of Purpose and are at the heart of all College strategic priorities.   As cited by Goldburg (2010) Religious Education within ecumenical and interfaith settings provides opportunity for students to “define themselves in the context of other traditions rather than against them". It opens the world of difference through investigation of sacred beliefs and practices as a mode for making meaning in adherents' lives. It enlivens knowing one's own faith more deeply by expanding one's knowledge of another faith tradition.  ​​​

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