Rugby League Program

Unity College Rugby League Players training with former Brisbane Broncos player, Jack Reed. Images by KuGxila Photography.​

Unity College Rugby League Programme

The program has been designed to provide students with rugby league specific training that focuses on all aspects of the game of rugby league. We wanted to ensure we delivered an age specific professional program that is not just focused on the physical part of the game but also the mental side of the game. We have designed the programme so that it gives the boys an insight into the dedication, drive and focus that is required to play Rugby League at the highest level.

As part of the program, the students commit to a weekly training program in both the gym and field sessions on the college oval. The program itself has been designed to run with all of the gym and field work being age-specific and tailored to ensure we are helping the boys enhance their strength, fitness and skills expected of that age. The programme itself will allow the boys to continually learn and enhance the skills required of a professional rugby league player.

The gym exercises that the players do as part of the programme are designed for rugby league and their age groups. The gym programme that is the same used by NRL clubs for their junior high-performance players. While working out in the gym the players can watch each activity of the screens in the gym to always ensure they are completing each activity correctly. We also watch the field drills we will be performing on the screen so players are familiar with what is required and what we are achieving from each training session.

The program has been lucky enough to have the support of the Brisbane Broncos, NRL and the Sunshine Coast Falcons. ​

Confraternity Shield 

In 2019 and beyond Unity College has qualified to compete in the Confraternity Secondary Schools Rugby League Competition. This is a fantastic achievement for the College and Unity is the only School on the Sunshine Coast North of Brisbane to currently participate at this carnival. This will provide our young men with the opportunity to experience mate-ship, camaraderie and sportsmanship that are lived in this competition.

2019 marked the 40th Year of the Confraternity Shield. This event has become entrenched in the Rugby League calendar with 48 schools from across Queensland and Northern New South Wales contesting games across 4 playing days. Since the Confraternity Shield was first contested in 1980 the Carnival has featured 150 past and present NRL players, 30 State of Origin and 30 Australian players which include; Jonathan Thurston, Wendell Sailor, Matt Bowen, Matt Scott, Nate Myles and more.​


Billy Moore Shield Year 3,4,5

NRL Development Cup Year 5,6

Interschool Sports Year 7,8,9

Brisbane Broncos Gala Days Year 7,8

Brisbane Broncos Schoolboys Challenge

Renouf, Hancock and De Vere Cups Year 8,9,10  ​

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