Senior Phase - Years 11 & 12

​​​​​​The final phase of the Unity College education journey is our Year 11 and 12 'Senior Phase'. As students transition to these final two years of their secondary education, they have the opportunity to select the pathway of learning and vocational development that will set them up for success in their post-secondary aspirations. Core course selection comprises the suite of 'General' and 'Applied' options within English, Mathematics and Religion, complemented by an elective scope provides students with an array of ATAR eligible and vocational pathways. Our senior phase curriculum delivery aligns with all of the current Queensland Curriculum & Assessment Authority (QCAA) senior learning design elements that facilitate successful attainment of the Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) for our graduating students.

In addition to a traditional program of senior learning coursework, Unity College offers a dedicated 'FLEX' pathway that caters for students engaged in school-based apprenticeships and traineeships (SAT's), as well as off-campus technical trade training via the Sunshine Coast Technical Trade Training Centre. These students are allocated to our dedicated FLEX teaching team to ensure monitoring and support of their on-campus learning and pastoral development.

Pastoral guidance through the Senior Phase is consistent with our previous phase progressions where student pastoral groupings, pastoral care teacher allocation, and Year Level Leader remain consistent across the two years. A strong 'family' environment is established where students are authentically known, supported, and guided through the complexities of navigating this period of young adulthood within an increasingly complex world.

Our Senior Phase Leadership Team can be contacted via the following email addresses:

Publications and Handbooks
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