English as Another Language or Dialect

​The EALD program offers English language support to students who speak languages other than English at home, speak a dialect of Standard Australian English, or their first spoken language was not English. The Australian Government funds this program through Brisbane Catholic Education, thereby enabling our students to access this program once a week.  Students' English language abilities are assessed across the four macroskills, being listening, speaking, reading and writing. ​

EALD students who then require support are assisted in their learning through small group work, one-on-one with the EALD specialist teacher or in the classroom. In collaboration with teachers, learning programs are modified for EALD students. This allows them to learn the language of the subjects, understand the concepts being taught, interact with their classmates and to work at their own English developmental level. In this way, EALD students can meet with success in their learning across all curriculum areas.

There are many Languages spoken by families at Unity College. EALD students are encouraged to continue their other languages, as this helps their English to progress more quickly. An EALD student no longer requires EALD support when their English proficiency is the same as that of a native speaker. They can then participate in the mainstream classroom without any further EALD support.

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