Technology at Unity College

​​The implementation and use of technology throughout Unity College supports our vision of offering a rich, well resourced, relevant and diverse curriculum for learning in the 21st century. 

Classroom learning is complemented by integration of the Microsoft 'Teams' online platform to facilitate collaboration, online assessment, and sharing of class resources. Through Teams, the College has not only enhanced the learning environment but also employed contemporary teaching methods that are learner focused and flexible, allowing learning to move outside of the classroom. The uptake of technology tools and electronic ways of working has successfully minimised our paper footprint and ensured that an environmentally responsible and sustainable approach to resource access is at the core of how we operate in our classrooms. In Years 7-9 students have an ipad, and for Years 10-12 students have a Macbook laptop.

Fundamental to maintaining the Unity College commitment to access to technology tools for all students, we have designed our 'College Managed Device Program' to guarantee equitable, reliable, affordable and sustainable device solutions that ensure students have access to technology throughout the curriculum from Prep to Year 12. Our device access design also ensures that our students are fully prepared with the skillset demands of NAPLAN online and the digital literacy skills that set our students up for success through their learning journey and beyond.

To support the provision of a complex technology framework, Unity College has a dedicated IT Support Team to manage an integrated wireless network covering over 1400 students, nearly 200 staff, over 1000 devices, and an infrastructure load the equivalent of a large corporation. 

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