Pride of Australia Award 2018

​Image Credits: Courier Mail​

On Friday ​16th February our very own Year ​2 Student, Hutch Bevacqua,​ travelled to Brisbane to receive the 2018 Pride of Australia Medal for his bravery in 20​16. Last year, the then 5 year old Hutch he saved his mother's life durin​g a critical allergic reaction to antibiotics.

Natasha Bevacqua was at her Sunshine Coast home when she experienced a deadly anaphylactic reaction to a dose of antibiotics. Ms Bevacqua managed to dial triple-0 but soon lost consciousness. That’s when young Hutch stepped in. The bright Unity Prep Student immediately realised something was wrong. 

“He took over and unlocked the house, told them (emergency crews) I wasn’t breathing, and told them our address,” Ms Bevacqua said. “He was saying, ‘Mum, have a drink of water’, and they’re saying, ‘How old are you?’ and he thought they were talking to me so he was saying, ‘Mum, how old are you?’. “He said, ‘My mum’s gone to sleep and she’s not talking to me, and she won’t have a drink of water’.” 

Over the next few minutes, with the operator on the other end of the line, Hutch bravely did as he was told, opening the front door for the paramedics who were yet to arrive, holding his mummy's hand, and even alerting a neighbour about the unfolding emergency. 

"I could go over to the next door neighbours and see if they can come over?" he suggested, adding that he knew the neighbour. 

"Take the phone with you and keep talking to me … can you run Hutch? You've got to be quick," the operator told him. As he arrived at the neighbour's house, he banged on the door until it was answered.

Ms Bevacqua said she was told her son went out to the driveway to flag down emergency crews. “They said Hutch was more help th​an any adult. He gave very clear and concise information,” she said. 

Hutch was also reunited with the paramedics last year and was presented with a Certificate of Appreciation award for his bravery on the Sunshine Coast. He said he felt "good" to be called a hero. "I feel very happy and very brave," he said.​

Our Unity Community is so very proud of Hutch and ​we are very lucky have him and his family share their journey and achievements with us. Congratulations Hutch and Natasha, we wish you all the very best!

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